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Dr. Shiv Kumar Sarin
Vice Chancellor, ILBS
It gives me a sense of fulfillment that we can share knowledge across various medical colleges .....

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In keeping with its philosophy of ‘Moving Knowledge Not People’, project ILBS ECHO has successfully taken its intervention of updating knowledge of healthcare professionals in liver diseases to the tier 2 and tier 3 medical institutions by increasing the accessibility to liver diseases treatment in rural and urban areas in the various parts of the country.







Testimonials "What are they saying about ECHO"


It has been a very enriching and educational experience to be a part of ILBS ECHO initiative

Dr. Abhishek Gupta


This Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an innovative new model of health care education which will multiply the teaching capabilities exponentially.

Dr. Murtaza Akhtar


We are extremely glad to be associated with 'The Institute bf Liver and Biliary Sciences', New Delhi, in the form of e-learning -'The ILBS 'ECHO Course'.

Dr. D. B Kadam


It is our privilege to be associated with ILBS-ECHO program. AIIMS Jodhpur is a developing Institute and though small in number of faculty but they are ever ready to learn newer techniques and skills.patek philippe watches replica presidential rolex watch replicas classic fusion hublot replica

Dr. Kuldeep Singh


On behalf of jaipur national university institute for medical sciences and research centre, i want to express my appreciation for a very finely run ILBS-ECHO project.

Dr. Jaswant Goyal


It has been a wonderful experience of having academic video tie up program with ILBS.

Dr. Sudhirr Bhandarri


I am happy to learn that ILBS is organizing conference on 4th december 2016 for the centres participating in ILBS-ECHO project programme.

Dr. A. L. Kakrani


Respected organising committee of ILBS-ECHO project, i am hereby privileged to thank all the organising members of the programme for conducting it in a much disciplined manner.

Dr. Sowmiya M

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